...our new rule...

I gotta tell ya...it really chaps my hide when my kids say they "CAN'T" do something...especially when I know darn well they can do it...

"Kate - go upstairs and pick up the books on your bedroom floor...!"

"I CAA-AAAN'T - my feet hurt...I'm hungry...etc." 

Fill in the blank with any lame excuse you can muster...

So our new family rule is...NO MORE CAN'T! And to remind us all of this I've created this little printable that now hangs in each of the kids' rooms, in the bathroom & in the kitchen...


I love this phrase...firs,t because I thinks it's entirely true...it's not that you can't do it, it's that you won't do it...second, because it's easy to remember...my kids are now saying it to each other...mission accomplished.

I made it in a bunch of different colors...here are they are...please feel free to download and share...(the link should be fixed now...;))


  1. These are cute, but for me the link doesn't work :(

  2. @Pink Princess OH NO! I think I fixed it...it should be working now...;)

  3. I love it! I think I need a variation . . . something to get rid of the "yeah, I'll wash the dishes . . . in a few minutes" which of course means never :-)

  4. lovin it! got a few rooms i can see this needed in our home!

  5. we also need "we all out of "i don't know" " in our kitchen!


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