More amazing features & some subtle Halloween decor...

I can't tell you just how happy I am with this Halloween Party! I have so many more links already than I ever thought I would have...thank you so much everybody! I hope you're finding some amazing inspiration!

Here are even MORE fantastic projects from the Everything Halloween party!

Brie at Cinnamon Sparrow Designs made these wonderful Witchy Potion Pouches from burlap and muslin...they are so perfect for Halloween, right down to the very last detail...and I'm sure they smell delicious (read to find out how she made them...)

Read how Chris from Red Gate Farm made this super-awesome vintage-y banner for her dining it just the "something" the space needed...

These adorable pumpkin appliques from Courtenay at Three Sisterz are absolutely the cutest...I was lucky enough to receive some of these from Courtenay, and I have to tell you, they are even more wonderful in person...

OK...Vivienne from The V-Spot is just about the most clever and creative person I "know"...her "Punk-in" (what an awesome name...) is just does she think this stuff up? I will never know...but I don't question genius...I just appreciate it...

The Ombre Glitter Pumpkins from Andrea at Oasis Accents just take my breath away...truly. Are they not just so beautiful? The way she explains how she did it makes it seem so simple, but I GUARANTEE I could not do this as nicely as she did...they're perfect.

If I've featured you here on the blog or on Facebook, I would love for you to grab an "I Rock" button - over on my sidebar...

Have you linked up your projects yet? If not, you can do so here...
And don't forget, each linked project is an entry to win a fun Halloween prize pack!

One of the most fun things about this party for me (other than being able to have a boat-load of super-cool ideas all in the same place) is that I get to share some of my Halloween decor with is my gallery wall in my living room...with some subtle Halloween-ish details...

I added a couple of graphics from The Graphics Fairy to the frames that were already in place...I mixed them in with some sketches that are always up...

...some legs bones and a creepy bat...and some hairy spiders...

...a crow and a dictionary page with the word "eerie" on it...

I love that people look twice at the they're not quite sure if it's decorated for Halloween or not...don't worry folks, it is...except for the spiders...they're always there...we just can't seem to get rid of them...(smile).


  1. Everything is so adorable!! Thank you so much for featuring my Witchy Potion Pouches :) I love this link party <3

  2. You are always so sweet to me! Thank you so much for your kind words and for featuring my Punk-In!

  3. Hi Maggie! Thanks for featuring the Ombre Glitter Pumpkins!! Thought I was following but am now for sure =)

  4. Thanks for sharing my Halloween banner with everyone! I'm in great company ;)


  5. Thanks Maggie!!! Love this party...when's the next one!? ;) Ps, I love the spiders!

    -Molly @

  6. Thanks Maggie! We are so flattered that you featured us! Lots of great entries!


  7. I love it all! To Cute! Thanks for sharing,JoAnn

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