Why yes...my kids do smell awesome...

A few weeks back a girlfriend of mine gave us some of her son's too-small clothing...when she handed over the bag I got a whiff of the most amazing smelling clothing I've ever smelled...

So I asked her..."What on earth do you wash your kids' clothes in???"

"Gain," said she..."and I use that fabric softener, too."

"Really?" I asked, "Gain?" - "Yep." she said...

Well, if I can get my clothes to smell that good, I'm gonna use Gain, too...

And guess what - now my clothes smell that awesome, too...seriously. awesome.

And, no, I don't work for Procter & Gamble, or Gain...I'm not getting paid for this post...I didn't receive any compensation...I'm just writing it because I LOVE this product & I wanted to share the happiness...and awesome smells...

Please don't go back and count how many times I just used the word "awesome."


  1. I am all about good smells!!
    I can't wait to try it!
    Thank you for letting us know about
    yumminess :)


  2. I love Gain! My hubby used Gain when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and I loved smelling him lol! So once we got married I was all about Gain! I love it!

  3. If you love the smell, try the mr clean with gain to clean your house. I now do not mind cleaning so much it smells so good! I keep a bottle of it mixed in a spray bottle for easy reach.

  4. I am always used to gain,It's very beneficial products for our house so I think if like the smell than trying this products that's it.

    Designer kids clothes

  5. I use Gain too. I got hooked on it a few years ago. I haven't used the softener sheets though. I may try those as well!

  6. I agree- I love the smell of Gain! (It IS AWESOME!)

  7. I had something similar happen. I gave a bag of clothes to a friend that no longer fit me. She has told me now on numerous occassions how good my clothes smelled and asked what I use as detergent and fabric softner. Gain!!! that was my answer. I love Gain. I've used it for years now and our clothes have always smelled soooo good!!

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