40 (well, actually 38) before 40

Guess who's turning 40 this year? Yep! It's me! I know, I know, I don't look a day over 39...I'm one of the lucky ones...ha.

Actually, it's a pretty weird thing to think about...I mean, I don't feel almost 40...but then again, what's a 40-year-old supposed to feel like? I just know that I feel better now than I ever have...and I look forward to the decade ahead of me...

Here are some of the things I wanna get done before November 3rd...my 40 Before 40...(in no specific order)...

1. Finish the guest room/office
2. Make myself some ruffle pants
3. Drop 10 pounds
4. Read Atlas Shrugged
5. Crochet an afghan
6. Finish my first quilt
7. Learn to knit - make a hat or scarf or something
8. Finish rehabbing the "barn dresser"
9. Get the kitchen/living room trim painted
10. Get new hardware for the living room windows
11. Sort/Organize fabric stash
12. Write love notes to the kids
13. Teach Gray to tie his shoes
14. Bake a pie and bring it to a friend
15. Send birthday cards to friends and family (something I always forget to do)
16. Go out for a fancy dinner with the whole family
17. Learn to use my DSLR in Manual Mode
18. Take 1 photo each day for a month...make a mini-book
19. Clean out basement
20. Go to dentist (this is something I'm soooo bad at...sorry, Jaime-girl!)     DONE!!!
21. Make sheers for the living/dining room I ended up buying these, but...DONE!!!
22. Plan a little garden...and actually plant it.
23. Repaint the house
24. Organize the kids' memory boxes     DONE!!!
25. Take a weekend family trip
26. Start a "Gratitude Book"
27. Reupholster arm chair - 3/20 started doing this...man, it's harder than I thought it would be...
28. Organize my computer files
29. Use my cookie press to make cookies
30. Host an ice cream party for the kids and their friends
31. Complete at least one scrapbook page per month
32. Get a pedicure
33. Spend one week without TV
34. Make myself a bag
35. Spend a day reading   DONE!!! (The Hunger Games)
36. Make a slipcover for the blue recliner
37. Organize Pinterest boards
38. Get better about returning emails (oh man, I am sooo bad at this...)

I'm leaving the last two open for two reasons: one; I can't think of a darn thing more that I want to do right now, two; I'm sure I'll come up with a couple more things sometime in the next few months...

I'll be leaving my 40 Before 40 button up on my sidebar all year...so, if you suddenly get the urge to check on my progress, you can just click on it...I'll keep this list updated throughout the year.

I can't wait to see how I do...(smile).

What are some of your "now" goals? I would love to hear...

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