berry basket gift packaging...with @LifestyleCrafts

Berry baskets are everywhere right now...and I LOVE them. So when I saw that Lifestyle Crafts was offering a berry container die to use with pretty much any die cutter, I knew I had to have one.

And with this time of year offering so many opportunities to give gifts (for teachers, classmates, etc.), I knew just what I would use my little berry baskets for.

Isn't that just the cutest little container? I absolutely adore it. And the die comes with the little tag (in two sizes!) to add to your container (or, frankly, to any of your crafts!).

The metal "rectangle" and the two little metal tags up there are the just need to cut two of the rectangles in order to make the berry container...then you fold and glue the pieces together and you're done!

I used the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress System to add the word "HELLO" to my tags. I was going to write "thank you" on them (they are going to the kids' classroom aides), but I made them with the hope that maybe the aides would use them again. Then I added some stationery & recipe cards, stuffed in some shredded paper & wrapped everything up in a little plastic bag.

I used Canvas Corp Flute paper for my baskets...the corrugated look adds to the basket feel, don't ya think?

I can see these little baskets made with scores of different patterned papers, and used for just about everything...from storage to packaging to scrapbooking (how fantastic would these be used as a container to hold mini-albums?). I'm pretty darn sure it's not the last time you'll see them here...

What would you use these little baskets for? I'd love to hear your ideas!

As always, you can save 20% on every single purchase you make at Lifestyle Crafts with the promo code "MIDWESTERN" cool.

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