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*This post first went live at Sew Woodsy a few weeks ago...today I wanted to share it here...*

I couldn't be more excited that it's autumn...I adore this time of year. The cool weather, the gorgeous leaves, the warm sweaters, the smell of cinnamon & pumpkin...oh, I get so happy just thinking about it all! And with the change of seasons comes, you guessed it, HALLOWEEN! Yay! I love Halloween...and the older I get, the more I love it.

This year we were in need of a fun new way to hold all of the goodies we'll be passing out on the 31st (our old bowl took a header off the table and got stepped on last year)...so I decided to make one.

This box can be decorated in any way you like and doesn't have to be used specifically for Halloween. Here's what I started with...

Yep. Just a plain old Tyson Chicken box. I usually just toss these in the recycling bin, but no more! I will be re-using them for a whole bunch of projects!

I modified the original box by removing the side flaps...so that when the box closes, the top simply rests on the rest of the box and the front flap folds over...does that make sense??? Then I added velcro to the front flap and the corresponding place on the box so that the lid stays closed.

Here's all I did...I spraypainted the box black, designed some graphics in Photoshop, printed them out and glued them to the box. Then I inked the edges and roughed up the box a bit with sandpaper to give it an antique-y feel...

Then I simply filled the box with treats...(which I'm sure will have to be replenished looooong before Halloween).

Here's the velcro...

You can also use the box just as a decoration...here I've tied some old sheet music and string around it to make it look even more authentic...

So there you have it!

Fun, huh???

*Skull & Crossbones graphic from Rhonna Farrer: "Hexes & Curses" font EcuyerDAX*


  1. oh how fun...
    even though i am not a halloweeny gal...i dig this.
    i ADORE boxes...
    and love how you made it so authenticky looking.
    yes...i looked it up...it's a word.
    and i REALLY love the fact you got you some RhonnaDesigns going on there too.
    you are fabulous, my dear.

  2. I gushed over this post at Sew Woodsy ... it's so fun! I love that you just used a junky old box. Is there any end to your talent?

  3. Such a GOOD idea!! I am totally keeping my boxes now! We have an old cast iron cauldron that we use for treats ~ it will outlive us I think ;)

  4. YOu are just way tooooo clever Maggie This rocks big time, you ave really inspired me to try more OTP projects!

  5. Super fun! I like that the box has a lid that opens rather than 4 flaps...if that makes sense. Makes it perfect for getting treats.

  6. Maggie, this is ADORABLE! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Brilliant! I am going to a halloween party this weekend and this will be a great hostess gift!


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