color inspiration thursday...

The moment I received the March issue of Martha Stewart Living I was struck by the colors on the cover...and I was immediately inspired by them...

Seriously gorgeous, right?

So I sat down and pulled out some of my supplies and got to work...or,

These are the supplies I grabbed...

I wanted to keep it simple and just let the cover guide me, so, after I chose my photo, I grabbed a sheet of 8x8 Color Magic Paper, Color Magic Chipboard Alphas, Color Magic Letterbox Alphas, a couple of Color Magic Paper Roses and the bottles of Color Shine I thought would work well...Amethyst, Primrose, Chartreuse, Tinsel & Black Velvet.

Then it was all of about 45 minutes of work (including the time it took to color everything with the Color Shine) and I had this...

To get the colors of the Color Magic Chipboard Alphas as close to the colors on the cover as I could, I mixed a bit of Amethyst Color Shine with the Primrose and applied it with a Q-Tip to each letter...I did the same on the little flowers.

What I love about taking inspiration from the things around me is that, more often than not, I see a color combination I may not have thought of on my own...for example, including Chartreuse with hot pink, black & silver...but it's lovely.

I challenge you to do this today...find something that inspires ad, a magazine cover, anything...and use it to create. I would love to see what you do! Tag me on IG! @MidwesternGirl5 with your creations...

And just a little fyi...Happy House was what we called my Great Grandmother's vacation home in Vermont...and that's my little nay-nay bottom in the photo, circa 1974...(smile).


  1. oh em gee! i looove this! just stunning, Maggie! xo

  2. that little nay nay got a snort out of me.

    this is such an inspiring piece, maggie. love what you did here and mostly how it came about. love most of all that you shared it. truly authentic.
    do it again!

  3. OH Maggie this is simply divine..........I so adore your simple but breathtaking design!


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