do you love mini-books?

...well then these classes are for you!

Studio Calico is offering an entire library of mini book classes, taught by 4 amazing designers, and you can get them all at a discounted price if you enroll by the 28th!

Each season (February, May, August, November) you will get a new class with a new project with a new designer...along with detailed .pdfs and videos.

Seriously...I adore mini books...I think they are the perfect way to scrap an event...a vacation, a party, a birthday, whatever!

Don't feel like buying all four classes? No problem! You can purchase each class individually for $10 each. The first class is being taught by Nicole Reaves and is enrolling through February 28th.

Doesn't this look amazing? And for $10? Yeah...I'm on it.

PLUS! Here's the printable you'll get...

Need more info? You got here to be taken to the bundled classes page and here to be taken to info for Nicole's class only...

And one more thing...class content is already available, so as soon as you enroll you will be able to get started! What?!?! Awesome!

I hope to see you there!

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