Project Life - weeks 7-10

Wow! We're already 11 weeks into 2014?!

Spring is right around the corner (on the calendar, anyway...our weather would say different, however...), days of riding bikes and baseball are coming, and I can't wait!

One of the reasons I love Project Life so much is that it's so fun and so cool to be able to look back on our lives and remember the things that we did. The normal, everyday, simple, real-life things that make up our days as a family.

Here are our weeks 7-10...

I am sooooo loving using these QR codes on my projects! Have you done this yet? I've known about QR codes for years, but it was Kim Jeffress (my fellow Heidi Swapp Team Member) who took these codes to a whole new level for me...she was the genius behind what I'm going to share with you...

Any time I take a video now I upload it to YouTube (I keep these videos private, because, really, who wants to see my 6 year old running around the family room flipping over the couch? Besides me...and him...of course).

Then I take the url from the video and plug it into a QR generator...this is the one I use:

QR Stuff

I download the QR code that is made (into the photo folder I have for the particular week) and then print it out.

I'll usually just attach it to a photo that has something to do with the video (like the code I've added to the Chuck E. Cheese card above) - or I'll add it to a card of it's own.

Now I (or the kids!) can see the video any time I want to...I just scan the QR code with the barcode scanner on my phone and there it is!

Give it a try! It's so awesome...and it's just one more way to document your life.

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