Gratitude Documented with Shanna Noel...only at Studio Calico

You know how you have scrapbookers (or bloggers, or chefs, or dog-groomers or whatever) that you absolutely adore and you make sure to read everything they write and pore over every layout they make and if they lived in the same town as you you'd find out where they do their grocery shopping so you could "accidentally" run into them every week?

Or is that just me?

Anyway...for me, that scrapbooker is Shanna Noel. Her work is ah-mazing.


Last year Shanna had a super-fun "class" that she offered on her blog. Gratitude Documented was all got it...documenting what you are grateful for.

I happened to stumble upon that post around the time she was just getting started with GD and I immediately fell in love with the concept. I found a pre-made mini in my stash and got started right away with my documenting. It was the first (and only, to date) day-by-day mini I've actually completed. Like, completely completed.

Well, this year, Studio Calico is offering Shanna's Gratitude Documented as a full-blown class.

And I canNOT WAIT!

 photo gratitudesneak_zpsf6f0a8c9.jpg

SC has knocked it out of the park with classes this year...and this one will be no exception.

Here's what SC has to say about the class:


It’s easy to feel content during the holidays, but do you remember to be grateful all year long? In Gratitude Documented, Shanna Noel will guide you through a series of prompts, videos, and more so that recording the seasons of gratitude from your life will be easy and enjoyable. Reflect on and recognize the themes of family, love, and personal triumph that resonate with you. Let’s come together and remember that there is so much to be grateful for.

And, along with Shanna's easy-to-understand teaching style & creative inspiration, you will receive:

  • 3 videos from Shanna (planning & getting started, bringing your notes and inspiration together into an album & adding the finishing touches).
  • 5 prompt PDFs that encourage you to reflect on different areas of your life and what you're thankful for.
  • An in-depth look at Shanna's tag style mini album.
  • Ideas from Jamie Waters for adapting Shanna's ideas to a WRMK 4x4in album.
  • Inspiration PDFs with more ideas from Amy Hawthorne, Lexi Bridges and Chantal Philippe.
  • Access to a class message board and gallery, where you can share and learn with your teacher and fellow students.
  • Weekly challenges to inspire you to use what you've learned.
PLUS! These super-cool extras: (printable journal cards, digital stamps & cut-files)

 photo gratitude-printables_zpsa7c68b9f.jpg photo gratitude-digitalstamps_zps8e890f02.jpg photo gratitude-cutfiles_zps7e0d7ad7.jpg

Class starts on November 1, but will be enrolling through November 30. To get complete details and to register, click here.

Not really the student type? You can still get the products Shanna designed for the class...

 photo 92938-jcards_zps72d477e0.jpg photo 92937-stamp_zpsfb5b7ff8.jpg
 photo 92950-letterpress_2_zps65ef8edf.jpg photo 93044-cork_1_zps8e7de935.jpg
so awesome, right?

I'm so excited to begin another season of intentionally remembering...and documenting...all that I have to be grateful for...

...hope to see you in class...

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