Walden...the Studio Calico November Kits...my sneaks

I can't believe I'm typing "November."




seriously crazy.

The only thing that makes the scary-fast passage of time even slightly manageable is that it's almost time for the Studio Calico November Reveal.

November's Walden kits are absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous. Just take a look at this mood board...

photo credits at end of post

...beautiful colors, right?

And here are my layout sneaks...I hope I've done this kit justice...

Main Kit + Printables

Main Kit ONLY

Main Kit + Baker Bridge Add-On

Pine Hill Add-On ONLY

I really think these may be my favorite kits ever. I know I say that pretty much every month, but it's always true. They get better and better with each one.

If you're new to the whole Studio Calico Kit/Sneak/Reveal process or to scrapbooking/crafting in general, you can go here to learn all about it...

BUT, for just a quick run-down - you'll want to remember...

The full reveal of all the kits and add-ons is the 27th of each month at noon Eastern for subscribers and midnight Eastern for non-subscribers. Join us in the Studio Calico Live Chat room for the countdown (1 hour before both reveals)!

For more sneaks search #scsneaks on Instagram...or check out the sneak feed on SC...

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