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So, we've gotten through December sneaks, Reveal, Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Small Business Saturday...that's an awful lot of stuff in just a week...

How about we slow things down a bit...?

This time of year, especially, I really relish the hours that are not filled with activity. I love sitting wih my laptop and a cup of coffee (with just a smidge of Thin Mint Creamer)...surfing the web...filling up on awe of all the wonderful and beautiful things a human being can create.

And, because I adore scrapbooking (you're shocked...I know...), I usually head straight for either Pinterest or the SC Member Gallery when I need to unwind...and look at beautiful stuff.

On the 27th, Reveal Day, the Studio Calico Park Ave. Creative Team gallery went live and it is off the charts...truly.

Some of the most lovely & inspirational layouts I've seen can be found in this gallery...and I hope that you will take a minute or 20 to just scroll through the pages...

Each and every month I ask myself how I got lucky enough to be included among so many ultra-talented scrappers...and each month I inevitably come to the conclusion that I must have fallen through the cracks somewhere.

Shhhh...please don't tell. I'm having too much dang fun.

Especially this month...

Here's what I've created (so far) with December's kits...

OCTOBER 2014: created with the Main SB Kit ONLY. 

LAUNDRY DAY: created with the Main SB Kit + Park Ave. Printable by Hello Forever (printed in black & white) + Park Ave. Cut Files by Hello Forever ("the weekend" I used the cut file .png as a graphic on my photo)

OH SO LOVELY: created with the Ritz Add-On Only

I'm still working my way through these kits...the colors and designs are so lovely...and  are so perfect for every season.

How have you been spending your down time? Are you getting any down time?

Let's hope so...

*for more information about each of these layouts, including extra products used, click on name of each layout under it's image*

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