some things I grabbed yesterday...

If you live in the US, then you know just how crazy Black Friday can get.

I'll admit it...I've succumbed to the chaos of this amazing sale previous years. But not this year.

This year I've decided I'd like to do most of my shopping online. So, instead of standing in the cold waiting for stores to open, I've spent a good part of my after-Thanksgiving time sitting in my comfy-pants, with my laptop atop my lap, browsing online shops.

One shop I made sure to hit yesterday was the Studio Calico shop...did you see their crazy Black Friday sales???

I know how quickly some of them items went (the grab bags especially)...but there are still some fantastic things left to buy! At amazing sale prices nonetheless!

Seriously...check out a few of the things I picked up that are STILL available! 

(click on any image for more information)

 photo 112914A_zps6d280653.jpg photo 112914b_zps63caaf35.jpg photo 112914c_zps2fa0b7b0.jpg photo 112914d_zps437b744e.jpg
And this is just a few of the many things that are still left in the SC Black Friday shop!

Have any crafty friends? Need a few gifts? How about for teachers? Or your kids? Or someone else's kids?

I think I'm most excited about that Mystery Class Kit...ooooooh, I wonder which class it will be for?!?!?!

Take a minute to check out everything that's still never know what you may not be able to live without...

Yes. I'm an enabler. Don't judge.

And I almost forgot! That darling little bunny with the balloon is from the December Park Ave. Lizzie Mackay Birthday Stamp Set Add-On Digital File here...(say that 10 times fast...) 
The stamp itself may be sold out...but the digital files are available now! And they can be used over and over and over forever!

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