Coming soon! Marquee Love Christmas...and a little "how to..."

With Christmas just right around the corner it's time to start getting some holiday crafting done!

The brand new Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Christmas designs will be in Michaels Stores any day now...and they are the perfect way to add a little light to your holiday decor...

Now in case you've never decorated one of these Marquee Love lights, I've put together a little step-by-step and a few tips on how to embellish one of these beauties...but first let me show you this darling little Christmas tree Marquee I put together earlier this week.

Here's what I started with... "tree," some colored bulbs, white glitter paper and both 1" & 2" Marquee Love White Glitter Tape.

And here's how my little tree turned out...

Oh, I just completely love it! It's pretty hard to see the glitter paper behind the lights and the glitter tape on both the inside and outside edges...but it's there...and it's so pretty!

Now, every Marquee Love letter, number or shape comes complete with white lights and clear bulbs caps...but replacement bulbs (in a variety of colors, including this multi-colored pack) can be purchased separately.

I love the way these bulbs look with the white background...they look almost like candy, don't they?

I think I'm going to pick up a few more of these trees...and some more colored bulbs. Wouldn't it be so cool to have a whole forest set up? now that I've shown you just how awesome these lights can be, I want to give you a quick run-down on how to put one together...

*Your Marquee Love light will come with the following: one chipboard (or plastic) light design; 1 design template; a string of lights & clear bulb caps (as I mentioned above), light string-placement directions & a small piece of double-sided tape.

*When you open the package and remove all the pieces, you will find your design template tucked inside your design. This template gives you the exact dimensions of your design, and can be used again & again.

***These next few steps are optional...chose all or none of these decorating options to make your Marquee Love light totally personal!***

*Trace around your design template.

TIP: Make sure to trace around the holes in your template...these mark where your bulbs will be placed. You can use a long-reach hole punch (I use a Crop-A-Dile Big Bite) to punch your holes, or you can just make a little snip with a pair of scissors to mark them.

TIP: If you are using dark or highly decorated patterned paper inside your Marquee design you may find it hard to see trace marks over the pattern. In this case, simply put the template behind the patterned paper, turn both pieces over and trace. Make sure your template is facing the correct way...especially if your Marquee light is not symmetrical!

*Use scissors to cut out your design...again, make sure to either punch or snip those holes!

*Next, I like to add 1" decorative tape to the inner edge of my lights. Heidi makes a TON of these tapes in all different colors and patterns...and there is a whole huge selection of glitter tape, too! That's what I'm using here - white glitter tape...and it's gorgeous.

TIP: Start your taping in an area of your design that is not easy to see, like a corner. Your finished project will look much neater if you can't see overlapping tape or cut ends.

TIP: I find that using a straight edge, like a ruler, helps me to push the tape into places that aren't easy for my fingers to get to - like right angles or sharp bends in the design.

*Once I'm done taping the inner edge of my light, I like to move on to taping the outer edge. Again, Heidi makes a huge selection of 2" tapes that are just perfect for decorating the outside edges of the Marquee Love lights. I chose the 2" white glitter tape for this tree...

Again...begin your taping on an inconspicuous area of your design. 

*When you are finished with your taping, slide your decorative paper onto the top of your light. 

TIP: I have found that cutting my design just right inside my trace lines assures that my paper fits into my light without bubbling up.

*Then push your bulb caps through the holes you've made in your decorative paper. This may take a little work. The bulb caps are designed to fit snuggly and you may need to apply a good bit of pressure to get them through.

*Your next step is to add your light string. Each box contains a diagram of how your lights should be strung so that they fit properly...turn your light over (front side down) and simply push each little light into its bulb according to your design's directions.

You may choose to do this next step before you add your light string...but either order is fine...

*Finally, find the little piece of double-sided tape included with your set. Add this tape to the battery box on your light string and tape it inside the back of your light. Make sure you can easily access the battery pack's on/off switch.

And that's it! So fun, no?

One of the best things about these lights is that you can replace the bulb caps and patterned paper as often as you like! It's a little harder to replace the decorative tape, you may want to make sure your are happy with your initial choice...(smile).

I would LOVE to see how you decorate your Christmas Marquee Love pieces! Make sure to tag #HSMarqueeLove on Instagram & Facebook so we can all be inspired!

***All of the supplies I used to create this little Christmas tree will be available at Michaels Stores in the next week or so. Michaels also carries Marquee Love letters & numbers, as well as a number of Marquee Love patterned paper packs, Marquee Love decorative tape & replacement bulb caps.***

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