my "metal" snowflake...Christmas Marquee Love...

Hey hey everyone!

I'm back with another quick and easy Christmas Marquee Love project today!

This time I've used this adorable snowflake Marquee...and I've decorated it with spray paint!

Now this spray paint is a little different than some you may have seen in the past...this paint actually give the look of a hammered metal finish...and it's totally awesome.

This spray paint is made for metal surfaces...but it works just great on the hard cardboard that the Marquee Love lights are made from!

My Christmas decorating vibe tends to lean toward the natural/urban...creams and browns and greens with a lot of wood and I thought this snowflake would look awesome in this dark brown "metal" finish.

Here it is all sprayed up...

You can totally see that "hammered metal" finish...ack - I LOVE it!

I added the lights, and now it's perfect...exactly what I was hoping for.

This is probably where I will put this darling snowflake come Christmas-decoratin' time...probably.

But I'm thinking it may look cooler hung on the wall...with a few friends...painted the exact same way.

So what do you think? Is the faux-metal look something you think you'd try?

This little snowflake Christmas Marquee Love piece is making its way to Michaels Stores right this very minute...they've even already been spotted in some stores!

For a quick tutorial on how to decorate a Marquee Love light - click's super-easy...and fun...and ADDICTING!

SUPPLIES: Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Snowflake, Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint.

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