My Christmas Crafting Party

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Hello, hello everyone!

Happy 6 days until Christmas!

A few weeks ago, I came across this post by Kristi & Kelli from Lolly Jane. I was so inspired by these little hoop wreaths that I wanted to create them again and again...and what better way to do that than to have a party where we're all making them?

So, this past weekend, I had a little Christmas crafting get-together for some of my closest friends, and a few of their daughters!

You can see my version of the wreath hanging from the little window in my Christmas vignette (see that post HERE)...

So, I gathered up supplies to make both that project...

...and this one. I adore the little solitary bottle brush tree in an ornament...and they're so easy to make!

For our wreaths, we would be using this adorable little paper house from Heidi Swapp. They are so easy to put together...and they can be decorated & dressed up however you want!

***You can find these darling paper houses online & independent retailers like - click HERE to see***

I bought some little plastic ornaments for our bottle brush trees, too.

Then I collected up all of the bottle brush trees I had on hand...which turned out to be a ton!

I had acquired all different sizes & colors from Fancy Pants Designs, Michaels, Heidi Swapp & Tim Holtz over the past few years...and the selection was PERFECT for our projects.

I separated the smaller trees out into a few different bowls and placed the bowls on a lazy-susan for easy access.

Then I lined up the larger trees along a wooden tray I had. They looked so cool! Like a little mini forest...

I bought a long faux-pine garland at Michaels & snipped off all of the individual branches and placed them in a basket. These would be the base for our wreaths.

Snow, glitter & wire were essential for making our projects. The wire (from Michaels) was what we used to secure our pine brances & houses to our hoops.

Ribbon for hanging our wreaths & ornaments...

And, of course, no party is complete without sweets! Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!

Even our elf got in on the action...

Everyone arrived, and we all started our projects. It was so awesome to see the variety in everyone's wreaths & ornaments!

That's really one of the things I love most about can give a ton of different people the exact same supplies, and you will get a ton of different outcomes.

It's just so cool.

I love that the teenagers were really getting into it, too...

My younger son, Tyler, LOVES to craft...he made like 4 wreaths & 5 ornaments! I think the glittering was his favorite part...

Everyone's projects looked just so beautiful! I hope they love them as much as I do!

 At the end of the party, everyone went home with a little gift...

...the slightly larger Heidi Swapp paper house...

I really think everyone had a good time...I know I did!

I'm already planning my spring crafting party...


I know these last few days can be stressful, but I truly hope you find some time to be creative!


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