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Thank you so much to everyone who has linked up so far! You have until tomorrow night to get those projects in and to be entered to win the Halloween prize pack! Click here to be taken to the linky party...

In keeping with the spirit of the party, I have yet another project to share with you...this project is special, however, because it was my submission for Week 1 of American Crafter at Naptime Crafters! Yay! When you are done here, I would LOVE for you to go over and place your vote for your favorite project...the talent this season is incredible...prepare to be amazed...

Now on with the par-tay!

I adore Halloween...and I love creepy decor...I'm just not a huge fan of blood and guts and stuff...

So, I decided to make a Halloween wreath that combines both pretty & creepy...it's my Halloween Glam Skeleton Wreath...complete with flowers, feathers, sparkles &, you guessed it, skeletons...

I started with a simple grapevine wreath from JoAnn...I was going to spray-paint it black, but decided against it since it's pretty much covered anyway...

I took some feathers I had gotten from Hobby Lobby and just stuck them into the wreath, enough to almost completely cover the grapevine...I think the entire package of white feathers was under $3.00, and I had TONS left over...

Then I disassembled a skeleton garland I got from Michaels a few years ago...(I think they sell them at the dollar store now, too)...and attached each individual skeleton to the wreath using floral wire...

I wanted to glam up the skeletons a bit, so I glued small paper flowers and gems to them...

Then I added some white silk roses I had on hand to both the top and bottom of the wreath...you can't tell from the photos, but I also sprayed the roses with some sparkle spray I had in my scrapbooking stash...

And there you go! It didn't take too much time (about an hour or so...) and it matches my other fall decor...it's just a bit spookier...and the best part is, because I didn't glue anything on (except the paper flowers & bling), I can disassemble the wreath and use the parts for other projects! Yay!

I hope you're finding tons of Halloween inspiration this week! 


  1. This is fabulous!! So creepy and glamourous!

  2. How do you think of these things?! Mixing feathers and skeletons? Somehow it works--I love this wreath! You are making me see Halloween decor in a whole new way . . . I've always avoided it because it seemed either gross or corny, but I love the way you're making it kind of elegantly spooky . . . fantastic!

  3. i love your wreath! my favorite part are the feathers. :) i just voted for you!

  4. I am in love with this wreath Maggie! Super awesome! The frill and the skeletons make it not-too-scary. I just linked up a few more projects. What a great collection of items there are!! I could spend A LOT OF TIME going through all of them.

  5. Maggie! It's glamtacular! I love it sooooo much!

  6. I love this glammy skeleton wreath. Spectacular. I am late but I have finally linked up to the party. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an accident, sprained my knee and am on crutches. Not fun. Better late than never.


  7. Seriously... how do you come up with your ideas? This wreath is fantastic! I love the mix of feathers and bling with the creepy skeletons. Very cool! I went over and voted for you! I was also able to link up another project... Yay! AJ

  8. I voted {for you} of course and I LOVE the wreath!

  9. Stopping by from American Crafter. Fellow contestant. I love your wreath!! The skeletons are extra creepy but it's still so pretty! I've been checking out your blog posts and I am seriously loving your blog! Newest follower from http://everything-underthemoon.blogspot.com Stop by and give us a visit some time :)


  10. That wreath is amazing! It's like glamour halloween.

  11. I love love love this! SO stinkin cute!! I want to copy!! ;)

  12. I LOVE wreath!!! I just featured it on my Facebook Fan Page! I see you switched back to blogger. I'm still not happy with WordPress... although I don't think I'll change back to blogger (even though I desperately want too). I just know I won't be switching my cooking blog over. lol.


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