I have something really fun coming up in 10 days!

Well, I guess the title of my post explains it all...

Have a great day!

Nawwww, I'm jus' kiddin'...I'll fill ya in...

Starting December 12, one week from Monday, I'm having a Christmas tree linky party! Yay!


I just love seeing other people's Christmas trees...I feel like ours looks the same every year. Don't get me wrong - I love our tree - I really, really do...but I really like seeing how other people decorate theirs...

So, please - grab a button, help spread the word & let's check out those trees! I can't wait!

OH! And you may have noticed...the button says "linky party & giveaway" - that's right! I know how hard & crazy & exhilarating & fun & exhausting & stressful the holidays can be...that's why I'm giving away an ultimate prize package filled with MY favorite things to one of you...just in time for Christmas. After all...don't you deserve it? 

Want a hint at what will be included? OK...twist my arm...let's just say one of the gifts rhymes with Path & Toddy Works...and another one rhymes with Carchucks...hmmm...but That's Not All! (said in my best The Price is Right Rod Roddy voice)...no, no, no...there will be much much more...because, again, don't you deserve it?

The only requirement for this giveaway is that you be a follower of Midwestern {Sewing} Girl...I normally don't make that a prerequisite for my giveaways, but I really want this gift to go to one of my readers...there will be only 1 entry per person, so go ahead and follow if you haven't already!

And get those trees all ready! Cause I wanna see 'em...

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